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16 January 2019
 https://www.youtube.com/embed/9iJQiauxnA0 Dr. Mike Woo-Ming MD founder and CEO of BootstrapMD shares his journey to entrepreneurship and wise words for other physicians who are thinking of starting their own business.Register for his upcom...
04 January 2019
Physician Entrepreneurs Need To CollaborateNext Level Physician, Dr. Maiysha, Speaking on the Principle Umoja... Unity and how it applies to the success of physicians in these medical times.Did you enjoy this topic? Let Us know!Please leave comments ...
28 December 2018
Sometimes we hide ourselves as physicians because it seems a little outside the box and we don't know how others will view us. As physicians, we must be empowered to be ourselves if we are going to tackle this epidemic of physician burnout together. ...

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