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    Our 1 on 1 Physician Coaching Programs

    Love medicine but hate the job? Dealing with a toxic environment? Ready to abandon ship? BEFORE you quit your job, schedule a call with us. Often times there are things you can't see that there are to do before you make a big transition. In our coaching, we take you through a very systematic process of creating your ideal career without the overwhelm & confusion of what to do next. If finding a bridge job, we help you to identify the best options for you, and we guide you through the interview process and ensure that you accept the BEST possible offers…offers most congruent with what you want and deserve.

    Physician Entrepreneur Coaching

    Whether you are looking to create a side gig or wanting to transition to a new main gig, you will learn on this track the mindset, success principles of business, entrepreneurship, and marketing that it takes to successfully make your career transition. We do this by taking you through a system with years of proven success that will help you create, launch and build your new stream of income. With the support of a seasoned physician entrepreneur you will get a solid foundation that will have you on your way to a second revenue stream quicker than you think.

    How it works:

    We are trained to coach on many areas of focus, however we find that most moms usually fall into these 4 categories:

    Physician Career Transition & Bridge Job Acquisition
    Physician Time Management and Organization
    Physician New Entrepreneurs Coaching
    Physician Business Growth Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
    You get 12 one on one coaching sessions with Dr. Clairborne. During these sessions you will brainstorm, strategize, and create. The sessions are designed to empower you...get you unstuck in areas where you are stuck, and move you out of your way. At the end of each session you will create a set of action items designed to move you to the next level toward your goals. The following session starts with celebrations and debriefs, and then the process is repeated. One on one coaching is a dance, rather than a linear process. There your progress may not look linear initially, but your growth will be clearly evident at completion. Dr. Clairborne has several hundred hours of coaching and her keen listening and ability to reframe and reflect are what make her one on one session so powerful and her results to amazing.

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