The Next Level Physician Advanced Fellowship Program

For our students who have completed the Employee to Entrepreneur Startup Accelerator Program, or for those business owners who are ready to take their business to the next level, the Next Level Physician Entrepreneur's Advanced Fellowship is for you. This program will introduce physician entrepreneurs to more advanced business, marketing, and sales concepts. Additionally, we will cover various wealth building and advanced revenue generating strategies.

How it works:

The Next Level Physician Entrepreneur's Advanced Fellowship is a 12 month long program in mastermind format that comes with a online curriculum. There are live monthly mastermind calls in addition to 1 on 1 coaching, and you are a part of an exclusive online community which will help to keep you accountable for your goals and progress. In addition we will hold 4 live work sessions throughout the year. The program begins each fall, and there is limited admission (only 10-20 slots are available at a time in order for us to keep the quality of mastermind at premium). Applications for admission open in May.


When you join this 12 month membership you'll get:

  • Full Online Next Level Physician Entrepreneur Advanced Curriculum - First and foremost, you get access to our full online advanced curriculum complete with advanced topics in marketing, copywriting, sales, and client attraction.  This curriculum is the work of decades of top business & marketing knowledge and facilitated by Dr. Clairborne and her team who have the combined expertise of the top experts and created a specialized & specifically for medical professionals.  
  • Essentials Business Setup Checklist – Starting a business is simple when you have a strong foundation. The Quick-start business checklist will make sure you have the foundational components in order so you can be rest your mind that your business is always in compliance.
  • Career Sweet Spot Success Toolkit– You want to make sure you are starting your career on “purpose”. This blueprint ensures that you are in your passion and purpose, not someone else’s.
  • Business Explosion Blueprint – You have a business, and it's time to take it to the next level. The advanced strategies in this system will show you how to elevate the quality of your lead flow.
  • Perfect Avatar Attraction Worksheet – Get to know your avatar even better with these advanced psychographic profiling strategies. Better refine your avatar so you know exactly where to look and can attract the right people for you.
  • Irresistable Offer Templates – Take your offer from attractive to irresistable with our advanced irresistable offer templates 
  • Magnetic Messaging Templates – If you are not speaking your clients’ language, you will not attract them. Get skilled at copy so that you can even more effectively connect, communicate, and attract the clients that are the best fit for your irresistible offers.
  • Subscription Success Formula – Learn how to turn your business into a recurring revenue machine. We will show you how to convert your business into a subscription business.
  • Savvy Sales Scripts – Learn advanced sales techniques, handling objections and advanced persuasion to increase your capacity to sign up your ideal clients.
  • The DPC Model, Integrative Medicine & Coaching Practice Growth Toolkits - For those who are specializing in these models we will show you how to maximize your revenue and leverage your time and talent for maximal impact.
You also get access to everything from the Employee to Entrepreneur Curriculum AND  12 one on one coaching sessions to help to refine your specific business and meet your specific goals.

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  • Monthly Live Q & A – Get your questions answered in our monthly live Q&A. This is designed to make sure you are moving along and meeting your goals.
  • Exclusive Premium Directory Listing – As our student and an exclusive member of the NLPEI, we want to see you succeed. Therefore we are the first to promote you with our premium directory listing.
  • Monthly Mindset Bootcamp – In addition to the Live Monthly Q & A, you get monthly mindset bootcamps run by our team to make sure that you are empowered, and unstoppable in your business and in your life.
  • 4 Live Work Retreats - There is nothing like coming together live and in person to ramp up the energy and productivity leading to incredible breakthroughs in your business. During these live weekend work sessions we deep dive into wherever you are with your business to brainstorm new ideas and strategies of taking you to the next level. There will be live training and guest speakers present at each live work retreat.
  • Access to Private Online Networking Community of Physician Entrepreneurs Like You

 This program is packed with Value!

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The Next Level Physician Advanced Entrepreneur Fellowship is Valued At:

The Core Curriculum

  • Next Level Physician Entrepreneur Full Online Advanced Curriculum - $10,000
  • Essentials Business Setup Checklist - $2500
  • Business Explosion Blueprints - $2500
  • My Business Resource Rolodex - $2500
  • Career Sweet Spot Success Toolkit - $5500
  • Perfect Avatar Attraction Worksheet - $2500
  • Irresistible Offer Templates - $5000
  • Magnetic Messaging Templates - $5,500
  • Irresistible Marketing System - $10,000
  • Subscription Success Formula - $5000
  • Savvy Sales Transcripts (Sell without sounding salesy) - $10,000
  • “The Integrative Medicine Startup” Roadmap - $3000
  • 12 One on One Coaching Sessions Our Team to Keep - $10,000
  • The Physician Coaches Business Success Toolkit - $3000

Retail Value – $62,500


Plus Bonuses!

  • Monthly Mindset Bootcamp - $5000
  • Bi-Weekly Live Q & A Sessions - $5000
  • 4 Live Weekend Work Retreats - $2999 each - total value = $9000 
  • Access to Private Online Community – Priceless

Additional Value – $20,500


Total Value: $79,500 +

Total Price: $15,000

Pay in Full & Save $2000!
Pay in Full Price $12,000

20 Slots available only


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