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The Next Level Physician Advanced Marketing Mastery Program

For our students who have completed our Employee to Entrepreneur 90 Startup Accelerator Program, or for those physician entrepreneurs who have businesses that need a marketing boost or even makeover, the Next Level Physician Marketing Mastery 6 Month Mastermind is the next step for you. This program will introduce physician entrepreneurs to more advanced business, marketing, and sales tools and techniques. We focus on branding, advanced marketing strategies, sales and automation in this course. By the end of this mastermind, you'll be set up to take your business to the next level so you can begin to leverage and scale.

How it works:

The Next Level Physician Marketing Mastery: 7 Figure Roadmap Program is a 6 month long mastermind formatted with an advanced online curriculum plus bi-weekly live coaching and mastermind calls. Because of the complexity that building your marketing system can bring, 1 on 1 coaching is an important part of our process to make sure that you get yourself setup seamlessly. Finally, as with our other programs, you are a part of an exclusive online community which will help to keep you accountable for your goals and progress. This program is an ongoing program which means admissions are rolling, however in order to give you the attention you need, we only make 20 slots are available at a time. However, admission will continue happen throughout the year, as long as there are open slots available.

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When you join this 6 Month Marketing Mastery Mastermind, you'll get:

  • Full Online Next Level Physician Entrepreneur Advanced Curriculum - First and foremost, you get access to our full online advanced curriculum complete with advanced topics in marketing, copywriting, sales, and client attraction.  This curriculum is the work of decades of top business & marketing knowledge and facilitated by Dr. Clairborne and her team who have the combined expertise of the top experts and created a specialized & specifically for medical professionals.  
  • Essentials Business Setup Checklist – Starting a business is simple when you have a strong foundation. The Quick-start business checklist will make sure you have the foundational components in order so you can be rest your mind that your business is always in compliance.
  • Next Level Business Resources Rolodex – There is no reason to re-invent the wheel. When you join our program not only will we show you how to build your own dream team, we'll share our with you too!
  • Business Explosion Blueprint – You have a business, and it's time to take it to the next level. The advanced strategies in this system will show you how to elevate the quality of your lead flow.
  • Access to Authority: Positioning & Branding for maximal impact - In business it's important for your potential clients to know, like, and trust you. We'll teach you how to position yourself in a way that positions you as an automatic authority while maintaining likeability and relatability with your tribe.
  • Avatar Profiling Worksheet – Get to know your avatar even better with these advanced psychographic profiling strategies. Better refine your avatar so you know exactly where to look and can attract the right people for you.
  • Magnetic Messaging Templates – If you are not speaking your clients’ language, you will not attract them. Get skilled at writing effective sales copy so that you can even more effectively connect, communicate, and attract the clients that are the best fit for your irresistible offers.
  • Next level Magnetic Marketing Formula - Get advanced strategies for putting yourself in front of the people who matter that will get you those ideal clients and grow your business.
  • Automate Station: Templates to Transform Your Business - We can only do so much ourselves. In this program we'll show you exactly how to set up your client automation systems so you can focus on what you enjoy. We'll even help you get it set up with our proven power campaigns.
  • Subscription Success Formula – Learn how to turn your business into a recurring revenue machine. We will show you how to convert your business into a subscription business.
  • Savvy Sales Scripts – Learn advanced sales techniques, handling objections and advanced persuasion to increase your capacity to sign up your ideal clients.
  • The DPC Model, Integrative Medicine & Coaching Practice Growth Toolkits - For those who are specializing in these models we will show you how to maximize your revenue and leverage your time and talent for maximal impact.
  • Bi-Weekly Live Office Hours – Get unstuck & get your questions answered in our weekly live group coaching call w/Q&A. This is designed to make sure you are moving along and meeting your goals.
  • Monthly Mindset and 1-1 Check in Calls - So that you stay on track and have all of your questions answered we make sure that you get one on one calls each month to keep you moving forward
  • Private online community - Not only will the group help keep you accountable, but they will be an resource that could contribute over the long run to the growth and success of your business.

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Transform Your Business in Just 6 Months

By the End of the Program You Will Have

  • A fully set up system of automation with a firm grasp on how to manage your own marketing campaigns
  • A new and confident relationship to social media marketing and advertising
  • A fully set up client attraction systems that helps to automate the process of introducing new potential clients to your programs and products
  • An Engaging and fun content calendar that you can automate at anytime you choose
  • Professionally set up social media accounts that attract your ideal clients
  • A confident and powerful relationship to Sales, and the tools to have seamless and effective sales conversations in any situation and within any time frame 
  • A strong grasp on how to create revenue through affiliate programs and referral partnerships, and if you choose will have your programs set up and ready to go
By the end of this program, you will have what you need to automate your business in such a way that you can focus on it's growth and position yourself to scale to the next level when you are ready.

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