Mind Re-Mapping & Manifestation Mastery
    NLP Certification and Coach Training Program

    Discover A Breakthrough “Mind Re-Mapping” Process To Dissolve Toxic Thoughts And Engineer Extraordinary Levels Of Happiness In All Areas Of Your Life

    All action begins with thought.......and “Thoughts are things, and powerful things at that ~ Napoleon Hill


    Are you interested in achieving self mastery for an unbreakable mindset? 

    What if you could learn specific tools and techniques to instantly disrupt and disarm negative thoughts, feelings, eliminate bad habits, stop procrastination, or reset negative behavior patterns for yourself?

    And what if you could take those same tools and apply them to achieve amazing results with your patients and clients?

    What if those same tools would break through resistance with your colleagues, spouse, and even your children?

    That's Exactly What You'll Be Able to Do When You Take Our Mind Re-Mapping Mastery NLP Certification & Coach Training Program

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    Empower Your Health

    Learn powerful techniques to break unwanted habits and behaviors and install new positive habits to support your health goals

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    Empower Your Mind

    Change can happen instantly when you learn how to use the power of language, communication and the unconscious mind

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    Empower Your Career

    Overcome the limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviors which are preventing you from achieving professional success

    If you have you ever had that nagging feeling like something is missing….Like no matter how successful you get, you are still not making the difference you want to make… Like maybe you are not quite on purpose… like a round peg in a square hole.  Then you can relate to what I’m about to say….

    You see, for most of us, we enthusiastically dove into our profession after training...our careers were a blank slate filled with endless possibilities. However, the conditioning of our training, our industry, our colleagues well meaning friends and family members, have beaten us down and now have us to believing that there are finite limitations of what we can and cannot (or should not) do. Over time, these influences weigh so heavily on our subconscious that we start to believe them. We live into a “box” with finite limits and expectations that stifle our dreams. And, to make matters worse, because of our profession, pressures and expectations of the outside world keep us in ‘our box’. So when we have the desire to veer off the beaten path, we hear that little voice whisper in our ear…

    “You’re not supposed to do that…” , “Is that even possible?”, “That’s a crazy idea…”, "That'll never happen", "Is this even a valid path?", “What will everyone think…?” "They won't understand.." "They'll think I'm crazy.. or worse, stupid!"

    Any of these sound even remotely familiar?

    But What If You Could Take the leap that you’ve been thinking about becomes more effortless because the doubts, fears and inner conflict you felt has disappeared.

    What if you Could feel a calm knowing that you could answer the knock that you’ve been hearing moving you toward your true desires.

    What if you Could Clearly see those blind spots that have been haunting...better yet, taunting you for years...keeping you stuck in the monotony of our routines.

    What if you Could Dive into your subconscious to “reprogram” your brain may seem complicated – but the tools and technologies you’ll experience in this transformational training are designed to be easy and effective.

    What If You no longer had to “motivate yourself” or “pump yourself up” to go after the life you want because you are pulled by a powerful force that effortlessly drives you. 

    What if You Could achieve a permanent personal transformation that you’ll enjoy for the rest of your days?


    Self mastery comes by knowing how your brain works. 
    When you continue to hit the same walls over and over again, it’s typically because of some hidden limiting belief, some negative reoccurring thought, or an unknown internal conversation hidden from your view that is blocking you from getting what you want in life.  However, there are a specific set of principles that can be easily learned... a set of tools & skill sets that allows you to sidestep obstacles with ease and often times avert them before they even show up. And it starts in the way you think and speak.

    When You Sign Up for Our Mind Re-Mapping NLP & Coach Certification Mastery Program you will learn these tools & techniques. You will learn technology of NLP, NLP Coaching, and Time Line Therapy®.  You will learn how your brain works, how your mindset, beliefs, and behaviors came to be, and how to re-program the areas you want in order it achieve maximal performance, success, and abundance in your life. (Read more about NLP, NLP Coaching, and Time Line Therapy® Here)

    Create A Life You Truly Design

    Just imagine waking up EVERY morning filled with a deep sense of joy and excitement for the day, without ANY fears about having made the right decision.

    Then, going into the job you love - the one you’ve created for yourself and entering into a state of zen so that your work becomes play...

    And by the end of the day, feeling invigorated, beaming with more energy than when you woke up…

    Wouldn't that have an incredible impact on your life? 

    Your Career? 

    Your Relationships with Your Spouse, Your Children, Your Patients & Clients?

    It Would, Wouldn't it?


    When You Complete the Mind Re-Mapping Mastery Training You Will:

    • Have the tools to control the connection between your mind, emotions and behavior
    • Eliminated Limiting beliefs, and set powerful new beliefs that empower you
    • Change unwanted behavior in yourself and others
    • Be Able to Define what you really want in life
    • Get clarity on the top Values that currently drive you & set a new, clear direction for your life
    • Understand the Core Beliefs that are driving failures and successful in your life, and redefined your success criteria to live a happy and meaningful life
    • Overcome frustrating barriers in your personal and business relationships & resolve conflicts in your businesses, and in personal life
    • Learn how to coach yourself and others
    • Gain more control over your life
    • Gain greater confidence to explore and move towards your ultimate dreams
    And That Is Only The Tip of the Iceberg....

    By Completing This Mastery Training You'll also be able to:

    • Get better results in your career or business & have more free time to what you want
    • Become an highly skilled in motivation
    • Know how to communicate & use language with greater precision and grace
    • Increase your ability to build instant rapport with anyone
    • Know how to control conversations with yourself & with others
    • Improve your finanical earning capacity
    • Started your own successful businesses or increased their business results
    • Increase Your Ability to Close Sales
    • Improve Your Public Speaking skills
    • Improved Leadership skills
    • Set up Your Own Coaching Business if You Should So Choose

    These are all of the things our clients are able to achieve as a result our Mind Re-Mapping NLP & Coach Certification Process


    If you are ready to achieve self mastery for an unbreakable mindset...

    If you want to learn how disrupt and disarm negative thoughts, feelings, eliminate bad habits, and stop procrastination...

    If you want to effectively reset negative behavior patterns for yourself...

    If you want to learn tools that will help you to achieve transformational results with your patients and clients...

    If you want to break through resistance with your colleagues, spouse, and even your children giving you a new relationship with the people in your life...

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