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    Love medicine but hate the job? Dealing with a toxic environment? Ready to abandon ship? BEFORE you quit your job, schedule a call with us. Often times there are things you can't see that there are to do before you make a big transition.  In our coaching, we take you through a very systematic process of creating your ideal career without the overwhelm & confusion of what to do next. If finding a bridge job, we help you to identify the best options for you, and we guide you through the interview process and ensure that you accept the BEST possible offers…offers most congruent with what you want and deserve.

    Physician Entrepreneur Coaching

    Whether you are looking to create a side gig or wanting to transition to a new main gig, you will learn on this track the mindset, success principles of business, entrepreneurship, and marketing that it takes to successfully make your career transition. We do this by taking you through a system with years of proven success that will help you create, launch and build your new stream of income. With the support of a seasoned physician entrepreneur you will get a solid foundation that will have you on your way to a second revenue stream quicker than you think.

    How it works:

    We are trained to coach on many areas of focus, however we find that most moms usually fall into these 4 categories:

    • Physician Career Transition & Bridge Job Acquisition
    • Physician Time Management and Organization
    • Physician New Entrepreneurs Coaching
    • Physician Business Growth Strategy, Marketing, & Sales 
    You get 12 one on one coaching sessions with Dr. Clairborne. During these sessions you will brainstorm, strategize, and create. The sessions are designed to empower you...get you unstuck in areas where you are stuck, and move you out of your way. At the end of each session you will create a set of action items designed to move you to the next level toward your goals. The following session starts with celebrations and debriefs, and then the process is repeated. One on one coaching is a dance, rather than a linear process. There your progress may not look linear initially, but your growth will be clearly evident at completion. Dr. Clairborne has several hundred hours of coaching and her keen listening and ability to reframe and reflect are what make her one on one session so powerful and her results to amazing.

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    What Our Doctors Are Saying

    "A dream come true"

    Before I came to see Dr. Clairborne, I was experiencing burnout and dissatisfaction with my work/career situation. I chose Dr. Maiysha as a coach because I had prior experience with working with her in a similar capacity, and she was tremendously helpful to me. She is also very personable...easy to trust and work with. The coaching with Dr. Maiysha was definitely engaging and life changing, because it enabled me to grow my career and take my life down a different path once I was able to clarify and focus on opportunities that were not present before. Since coaching with Dr. Clairborne, I have grown my business, experienced an increase in income and am currently the new owner of my own wellness center. I would definitely recommend this coaching to other physicians, and actually already have done so. They display utmost consistency in delivering on what they promises.

    ~ K.P. MD 

    “Before working with Dr. Clairborne, I knew that I was ready to make a change in how I practiced and the extent to which I practiced. I was not burned out, but complete on feeling the need to be tied to an office or desk. Dr. Clairborne was affirming of this and helped to mold and create my new vision. She was very supportive, nurturing and warm. I chose to hire Dr. Clairborne because she has always had a warm, confident, knowledgeable presence. She was already making a huge career shift in her own life, and who better to support me in shifting than someone who was already in the process of doing the same. Coaching with Dr. C was not only transformative for my career but with myself, my relationships, and my finances. She also is very supportive for women finding life-work-mommy balance. That is invaluable. Since coaching with Dr. C, I have not only produced to webinars, but posted them for purchase and I am currently hosting a seminar series for women. This all unfolding in the span of a few months. I have better relationships and balance. This is in part due to Dr. C's support. I would absolutely recommend Dr. C to anyone who is on the fence or ready to make a shift in their life- not just career. Dr. C 150% provides the experience and service she promises. Her follow through is impeccable, and she goes above and beyond in supporting her client.” 

    ~ N.W. MD

    Internal Medicine/Integrative Medicine

    "I am a client and let me say this! Dr. Clairborne is an amazing woman who is there for you ! I’m starting my own business and needed a coach so I went with her! I’m use to having a boss to hold me accountable! This is scary to quit my 6 figure income to become independent and still use my education to do what I love! Only 2 months and I got my first physician client! I could not do this without her ! Well maybe I could but it definitely would take me much longer but more than likely I’d end up back on the hamster wheel! Stress Free Mom MD is my rock!"

    ~ J.C PharmD

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    Take Your Career To The Next Level

    In Addition to 12 One on One Customized Coaching Calls You Also Get

    • Full Online Employee to Entrepreneur Master Curriculum - First and foremost, you get access to our full online masterclass or curriculum to walk you through the process ensuring that the work you are doing will yield results. This curriculum is the work of decades of top business & marketing knowledge and taught by Dr. Clairborne who has studied with the top experts and created a specialized curriculum specifically for medical professionals.  
    • Quick-start Business Checklist – Starting a business is simple when you have a strong foundation. The Quick-start business checklist will make sure you have the foundational components in order so you can be rest your mind that your business is always in compliance.
    • Ideal Career Pathway Blueprint – You want to make sure you are starting your career on “purpose”. This blueprint ensures that you are in your passion and purpose, not someone else’s.
    • Business Plan Creation Toolkit – You need a solid plan and strategy for the most successful implementation. This toolkit takes you through the steps of creating your strategy so you have a clear path of implementation.
    • Ideal Client/Customer Worksheet – the saying “If you build it, they will come” is completely false. You must first know who “they” are in order to attract the right clients. This Worksheet helps you identify your “perfect” client so you know where to look and can attract the right people for you.
    • Product / Program Creation Roadmap – If you want to charge what you are worth, you must create undeniable value. In this part of the program, we will guide you on how to create an irresistible, high value program that will have your clients begging for more.
    • Magnetic Marketing Resources – If you are not speaking your clients’ language, you will not attract them. Learn the basics of how to connect, communicate, and attract the clients that are the best fit for your irresistible offers.
    • Subscription Success Formula – Learn how to turn your business into a recurring revenue machine. We will show you how to convert your business into a subscription business.
    • Savvy Sales Scripts – Learn advanced sales techniques, handling objections and advanced persuasion to increase your capacity to sign up your ideal clients.
    • The DPC Model, Integrative Medicine & Coaching Practice Growth Toolkits - For those who are specializing in these models we will show you how to maximize your revenue and leverage your time and talent for maximal impact.
    This program is undeniably packed with Value!

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