The 90 Day Accelerated Business Startup Program

    Your Business Ready to Launch in Just 90 Days

    If you are just getting started, and are not sure what first steps to take, the Employee to Entrepreneur Business Startup Accelerator program is for you.  This program will take you from inception of your idea to manifestation of your business. By the completion of the program, you will be able to launch your side gig, or main gig and be ready to generating real revenue.  This is a full spectrum business startup course designed by physicians for physicians.

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    What you'll get access to when join this 90 Day Business Startup Accelerator Program:

    • Full Online Employee to Entrepreneur Startup Curriculum - First and foremost, you get access to our full online masterclass or curriculum to walk you through the process ensuring that the work you are doing will yield results. This curriculum is the work of decades of top business development knowledge and taught by Dr. Clairborne who has studied with the top experts and created a specialized curriculum specifically for medical professionals.  
    • Business Startup & Setup Toolkit – Starting a business is simple when you have a strong foundation. The The Business Startup toolkit will make sure you have the foundational components in order so you can be rest your mind that your business is always in compliance.
    • Career Sweet Spot Success Roadmap – You want to make sure you are starting your career on “purpose”. This blueprint helps you find your sweetspot, and ensures that you are in your passion and purpose, not someone else’s.
    • Strategic Planning Roadmap – You need a solid plan and strategy for the most successful implementation. This toolkit takes you through the steps of creating your strategy so you have a clear path of implementation.
    • Ideal Client/Customer Worksheet – the saying “If you build it, they will come” is completely false. You must first know who “they” are in order to attract the right clients. This Worksheet helps you identify your “perfect” client so you know where to look and can attract the right people for you.
    • Product / Program Creation Roadmap – If you want to charge what you are worth, you must create undeniable value. In this part of the program, we will guide you on how to create an irresistible, high value program that will have your clients begging for more.
    • Magnetic Marketing Blueprint – If you are not speaking your clients’ language, you will not attract them. Learn the basics of how to connect, communicate, and attract the clients that are the best fit for your irresistible offers. Learn strategies to engage and attract your ideal clients on social media. 
    • Savvy Social Media Success Steps - Often times trying to market on social media can feel overwhelming and even draining when you don't have the right strategy. We teach you what you need to do and what platforms to focus on for maximal impact to your ideal clients.
    • Weekly Live Office Hours – Get unstuck & get your questions answered in our weekly live group coaching call w/Q&A. This is designed to make sure you are moving along and meeting your goals.
    • Free 60 Minute 1-1 Strategy Session – Get a jump on creating your strategy with this 60 minute welcome call. Intended to help bring clarity at the beginning of your journey so you can maximize the program for extraordinary results.
    And if that is not value enough, Top it off with the following bonsues!

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    What You'll Learn

    By the time you complete this program you will

    • Be clear about what your sweet spot is and how to turn it into a fully functioning business
    • Have an offer that screams value to both you and your ideal clients
    • Have a program that is ready to launch and be generating revenue with your first 'beta clients'
    • Know the basic tools and strategies for attracting the clients you want online and off
    • Have your personal social media strategy created so you can attract the clients you want
    • Have a team that can support your forward movement & help you leverage your time
    • Have a basic customer relations system set up so that you can focus on doing what you do best... serve your clients and deliver your programs ... while the system nurtures potential clients, and helps to retain existing ones. 
    By the end of the program, your business will be fully set up and ready to launch so you can start creating momentum and revenue right away.

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