Step into Sales Mastery - 7 Figures Selling for Doctors & Medical Professionals

    We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars becoming experts in what we do...and we ARE experts. The problem is that as medical professionals, we are not taught business, entrepreneurship, or marketing and we most certainly are not taught sales. 


    When we start our business, it becomes challenging to take our businesses to the next level because of all the conditioning we have and the meaning we have created about sales.

    That's Exactly Why I Created This Program!

    - No more feeling like a used car salesman

    - No more being afraid to ask for the money

    - No more being stopped by objections

    - No more being afraid of the "No"

    - No more dreading picking up the phone

    The 7 Figure Selling Mastery Course is an 8 week course coupled with a group training experience designed to take the mystery out of selling and transition you to sales mastery.  

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    How It Works

    You will have access to a comprehensive sales training complete with live weekly sales trainings and tips inside of a private like-minded community of physicians and medical professionals. 

    In this program you will get:

    • Live Coaching on where you’re stuck   

    • Full Online Sales Curriculum Training Modules

    • Breakthrough Exercises that will take your skills to the next level. 

    • The Ultimate Client Getting Conversation Script

    • Blueprint to Handle Any Objection Sales

    • The "5 Step Sales Process" Roadmap

    • Beginners Guide to Sales Copywriting Transcripts

    • Expert Secrets on Selling From the Stage

    • Training Tips on Selling in Negotiations

    • Live Sales Mocks to increase your confidence and efficacy

    • Private Online Community 

    By the end, you will have much more confidence in your selling game, and will have the tools to exponentially explode your sales and business.

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    Take the Suffering Out of Selling

    Get a Sneak Peek at the Value

    Here's What We Cover:

    • Adopting the sales mindset - In this part of the program we take a look at what sales really is, and what it takes to be effective in selling. Selling comes with a particular mindset, and we cover how to adopt this empowered mindset so that you can be effective in moving through the rest of the program.

    • Getting Out of the Way What’s In the Way of Your Sales Mastery - The first and most important thing that must happen is that you must get rid of negative and disempowering conversation that block you and stop your success. We address all of the conversation that get in the way of your effectiveness of selling

    • Getting Clarity on what Your are Actually Selling - The next important thing to get clear on is exactly what you are selling. Many people are not effective because they are not clear about what they are selling or how to communicate what they are selling. In this program we help you to become clear about your message so that you communicate more confidently your product or service.

    • Knowing & Claiming Your Worth - Another significant barrier to selling is knowing that you are worth the price you are charging. We get to the bottom of any disempowering conversations about worth and unleash your sense of self value and contribution.

    • Deconstructing the language of sales - In this section we deconstruct the components of sales language... what works and why, so that you are not just "memorizing some script" but learning how to truly speak the language of sales.  

    • The 5 keys to an effective sales process - Sales is a process, and it's important to know the key structures to that process. We give you 5 key components that will make your sales process smoother and more effective in any situation.

    • How to Close High Ticket Clients in 1 conversation - If you are closing high ticket coaching clients or high value consulting contract, you need to know the exact conversation to have that will skyrocket your sales closing rates. This simple sales conversation Dr. Clairborne will teach you has been adapted from a method that has been used for decades by the gurus of sales and has allowed her to close hundreds of thousands of dollars to date. 

    • The most common objections you’ll hear, what they really mean, and how to handle them - A given with sales is that you will get objections. Most people are afraid of hearing the dreaded no. In this program we teach you want to do with the "no's", "maybe's", "I'll think about its" and everything in between. 

    • 5 Keys to Writing Effective Sales Copy - The principles you will learn from this course will not only help you in selling face to face and on the phone it will help you also to write more effective sales copy, Speaking & Sell more effectively From the Stage, and be more effective at the negotion table.  

    If you have not guess by now, this program is packed with value!

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    Undeniable Value!

    While most sales programs with this much value cost a minimum of $10,000 and many can go as high as $50,000.

    However, Dr. Clairborne is committed to making this extremely valuable offer available, accessible and widely consumable for ALL physicians and medical professionals who are READY to take their sales to the next level. 


    You Won't Find A Deal Like This!
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    What Other Doctors Are Saying

    Before I worked with Dr Maiysha I was frustrated with the way I was getting blocked before I started any task. Within weeks of coaching I closed my first $5,000 client. I did not expect that. In my coaching practice, I can hear my clients more clearly.  I learn from them and grow as they are getting more effective too.  I am having the time of my life serving that client because I know they recognize my value. I have closed several new clients since I started coaching with Dr Maiysha.  I have also clarified and sharpened my own curriculum resulting in my clients signing up to continue working with me and referring friends and family members. I successfully launched my book, and am now an Amazon Best Seller. 

    ~ M.SV MD

    "I am a client and let me say this! Dr. Clairborne is an amazing woman who is there for you ! I’m starting my own business and needed a coach so I went with her! I’m use to having a boss to hold me accountable! This is scary to quit my 6 figure income to become independent and still use my education to do what I love! Only 2 months and I got my first physician client! I could not do this without her ! Well maybe I could but it definitely would take me much longer but more than likely I’d end up back on the hamster wheel! Stress Free Mom MD is my rock!" 

    ~ J.C PharmD

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