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    As physicians we are not taught entrepreneurship. Our knowledge of business, client attraction,  online marketing, and sales is limited if not non-existent.  The Next Level Physician Entrepreneur Academy helps physician entrepreneurs grow their businesses by Creating Quality Networks & Networking Opportunities, Creating Visibility through Strong Web Presence, and High-Level Business Learning through our online Business & Entrepreneur’s Curriculum. 

    What makes us qualified:

    With over 20 combined years of experience in business, entrepreneurship, marketing, and sales experience, our team brings the highest level of expertise and training. We have been trained by the foremost business, marketing, and sales experts worldwide.

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    We help women in medicine take their careers to the next level in three ways: 

    The E-School – Our virtual Next Level Physician's Business & Entrepreneurship curriculums help our women physician entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. Complete with business blueprints, program creation roadmaps, marketing templates, launch checklists, and live monthly learning, you won't find another curriculum as comprehensive. Click below to learn about our “Employee to Entrepreneur Startup to Setup Accelerator Program” and the "Next Level Physician's Entrepreneur Fellowship"

    Premium Directory Listing: With a strong web presence and powerful SEO, our directory helps you to be More visible to your ideal clients, so you can stop chasing business, and get found more easily. 

    Quality Networks – Connect & network with other entrepreneurs in medicine just like you. Learn and grow with your peers, and form strong and lasting bonds that help grow your business through referrals.

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    Women In Medicine Taking it to the Next Level in Business

    As women in medicine, we’ve spent years in school, and hundreds of thousands of dollars to be able to help and heal our patients. However, the system and culture of medicine has changed.  The chains bureaucracy hinder our ability to fully live our passion and purpose. The good news is that THERE ARE OTHER WAYS to leverage your expertise in whatever field of medicine you practice. You can make the difference YOU want to make, practicing on your own terms and living a life YOU design. 

    The Key is to step out of the status quo and become a Next Level Physician Entrepreneur. That’s where we come in. We help you find your “career sweet spot” so you can live in your purpose with passion and for profit. It’s time to Say YES to stepping off the Mental hamster wheel and into a career you love and a life of your design.

    What Our Women Docs Are Saying

    "Since coaching with Dr. Clairborne, I have grown my business, experienced an increase in income and am currently the new owner of my own wellness center. I would definitely recommend this program to other physicians…" 

    "Since coaching with Dr. C, I have not only produced to webinars, but posted them for purchase and I am currently hosting a seminar series for women. This all unfolding in the span of a few months. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who is ready to make a shift in their career and life." 

    I have closed several new clients since working with Dr Maiysha.  I have also clarified and sharpened my curriculum resulting in my clients signing up to continue working with me and referring friends and family members. I successfully launched my book, and am now an Amazon Best Seller.

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